The Renewal of Allegiance

Throughout the week, middle and high school students in Al-Kifah schools celebrated and honored the fifth anniversary of the accession of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz to power.  They renewed allegiance and remembered the achievements of his glorious era of development and openness in many different fields.  All the activity clubs celebrated the event each in its own way.
 Under the supervision of Ms./ Soghra Al-Jawaiher, "Rialy" club showed short videos about His Majesty's achievements and projects for the advancement and prosperity of Saudi Arabia, which inspired and encouraged them.
 "Iqra" club, under the supervision of Ms./ Faiza Al-Rashed, made videos and prepared a panel to put the posts of students about the best message to the king, and article, and poem.
 As for the activity of the club "Ihsan", under the supervision of Ms./ Jawaher Al-Jabr, the students carried out various activities throughout the week of the definition of Baya and renewal during the morning broadcast, and talk about the achievements of the Kingdom during the past five years and vision 2030, and they played of songs and national anthems at the break time, which contributed  In increasing the national spirit and belonging of students.
 As for the activity of the "Sport" club under the supervision of Ms./ Safaa Labawi, a friendly match was held in honor of Allegiance Day, where the allegiance was repeated before shaking hands at the end of the match.
 As for the role of students' guidance under the supervision of Ms./ Fatima Al-Doghan has paid attention to billboards that remind students of their patriotism and the importance of renewing their allegiance and loyalty to the king.
As for the students' awareness, Ms./ Nada Al-Afaliq reminded the students of the Kingdom's achievements in the field of civil defense and health through a corner in which she raised awareness of the dangers of winter from using heaters in addition to raising awareness about winter diseases and ways to prevent them. 
At the end of the week, the students had renewed their loyalty, recalled the Kingdom's achievements and were grateful to their king.