World Children's Day in Al-Kifah

In their own way, girls in middle and high schools in Al-Kifah schools celebrated World Children's Day.
 Under the supervision of "Ihsan" club, the girls of the middle school hosted the children with Down syndrome, where they provided fun games and amusing activities to bring joy and smile to their faces.
 As for the girls of secondary school, they also hosted, under the supervision of "The Alumni Club 2020",  students from kindergarten for an hour and a half during which they played with the children, painted on their faces, read fun stories for them and decorated cakes together.
 It is worth mentioning that some of the rights adopted by the United Nations in the Convention on the Rights of the Child 30 years ago, which Alkifah schools  girls  to apply some of them are: the child right to live - the child right of non-discrimination - the right to care for children with special needs, etc.
 Today's children are the future builders and leaders.